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Columbia, MO Junk Removal Services

Do you have any unwanted items or plain old junk that you simply don't have time to deal with? Our professional and cheerful crew will pick up almost anything you can think of! MrJunk makes every effort to find a way to reuse your unwanted items by donating to local charities and needy families. We also strive to recycle everything that can be recycled—the remaining items will be brought to the landfill.

"MrJunk is a great concept. The young owner is smart and friendly. We were able to get rid of things that have moved from house to house with us for years because we didn't want to add to landfills and didn't know how to recycle them. The best part was not having to separate those items from the true "junk" and knowing everything would end up where it belonged...and NOT in our basement any longer!"

Randee Shenkel

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